Notes on Hibiscus trionum complex in India with a new record of Hibiscus verdcourtii (Malvaceae) in Asia

Khot V.V., Madhav N.A., Mohite A.V., Sutar P., Dalavi J.V., Kambale S.S., & S.R. Yadav

Published on : 31-Mar-2023



Hibiscus trionum L., the ‘flower of an hour’, has so far been reported in India from the Northeast and South India. However, specimens of this taxon available in Indian herbaria represent two different species: H. tridactylites Lindl., a species that is widely distributed throughout India but often mistaken for H. trionum, and H. verdcourtii Craven, an Australian species that is being reported here for the first time in Asia.