Book Review: Hortus Malabaricus and the Socio-Cultural Heritage of India

Lawrence Surendra

Published on : 30-Jun-2012



This book is a valuable offering to the professional botanist and layman alike by Prof. K.S. Manilal, the taxonomist, eminent botanist and Emeritus Professor of Botany, University of Calicut. The book under review is a collection of various articles that he had written over a period of time. One assumes that this collection represents his work over the period of close to four decades that he has worked on Hortus Malabaricus and originals of which he chanced upon as a post-graduate student of botany while visiting the then Forest College in Dehra Dun, (originally the Imperial Forest College under Colonial rule) which is now the prestigious Forest Research Institute under the Indian Council of Forest Research and Education.