Taxonomy, distribution and lectotypification of Argyreia longifolia (Convolvulaceae), a poorly known Burmese species from Northeast India

S. Shalini, Lakshminarasimhan P. and D. Maity

Published on : 31-Dec-2018



Argyreia longifolia (Collett & Hemsl.) Raizada, a Burmese species, is confined to Shan hills terai of Maymyo plateau in Burma (now Myanmar). The record of its occurrence in Assam, one of the Northeast Indian states, in earlier reports is without any supporting specimens from this region. Furthermore, there is no detailed description available for this species in any of the existing regional Floras. During the consultation of herbarium specimens of Argyreia at CAL, a specimen collected from Manipur could be traced. As no detailed description has been made till date, the present study attempts to provide a detailed history on the taxonomy and nomenclature of this poorly known species with elaborate description based on both Manipur and Myanmar specimens housed at CAL and DD, illustration and a brief note on the range of its distribution. The micromorphological features of pollen grains and seeds observed with Scanning Electron Microscope are provided in detail along with micrographs. The paper also reports the occurrence of this species for the first time from the state of Manipur. Apart, the name, A. longifolia is lectotypified here in accordance with the International Code of Nomenclature. Keywords: Argyreia, Assam, Manipur, Myanmar, New Report, Typification.