Notes on a new geographic record, recollection and lectotypification of some Indian Didymocarpus (Gesneriaceae)

Pandey S., Kanthraj A.S., Rana T.S. & K.N. Nair

Published on : 11-May-2020



Didymocarpus cinereus D.Don, previously known only from Nepal and Bhutan, is recorded here for the first time in India from Arunachal Pradesh. A detailed description along with colour photographs and notes on taxonomy and lectotypification of the species is provided. Didymocarpus triplotrichus Hilliard, a close relative of D. cinereus and a narrow endemic species confined to Darjeeling Himalaya in West Bengal, has been recollected from its type locality after a collection gap of 138 years. Taxonomic description and colour photographs of D. triplotrichus as well as the important distinguishing characters of D. triplotrichus and D. cinereus are given. Additionally, lectotypes for another East Himalayan species, Didymocarpus albicalyx C.B.Clarke have also been designated.