A taxonomic revision of Henckelia (Gesneriaceae) in South India with a new species, one new combination and seven lectotypifications

Janeesha A.P. & S. Nampy*

Published on : 11-May-2020

DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.22244/rheedea.2020.30.01.03


The genus Henckelia Spreng. (Gesneriaceae) in South India is revisited based on field and herbarium data. Fifteen species are recognized. Henckelia wayanadensis is described new to science while Didymocarpus lyratus Wight var. protractus C.B.Clarke and Henckelia sivagiriensis (Rajakumar, Selvak., S.Murug. & Chellap.) E.S.S.Kumar are reduced to synonymy of Henckelia lyrata (Wight) A.Weber & B.L.Burtt and Henckelia wightii (C.B.Clarke) A.Weber & B.L.Burtt respectively. Lectotypification of seven names are carried out in this paper. Detailed descriptions, illustration/photographic images and key for the identification of South Indian species are provided.