Revision of the Trichosanthes tricuspidata – bracteata complex (Cucurbitaceae) in India

Savita Pandey, T.S. Rana and K.N. Nair*

Published on : 30-Dec-2016



The correct identity and occurrence of Trichosanthes tricuspidata Lour. and T. bracteata (Lam.) Voigt in India have been revisited based on herbarium and field studies. The study concludes that T. tricuspidata and T. bracteata are two distinct species and the former does not occur in India. All the mainland Indian materials previously identified and reported as T. tricuspidata or T. palmata Roxb., belong to T. bracteata, and earlier reports of T. tricuspidata in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands represent T. quinquangulata A. Gray. A detailed description with illustrations and photographs of T. bracteata is provided for facilitating identification of the taxon.