Taxonomy and typification of Kalanchoe olivacea and K. bhidei (Crassulaceae)

Mayur D. Nandikar*, Rohini A. Shinde & Henry J. Noltie

Published on : 30-Sep-2019



A synopsis of Kalanchoe olivacea Dalzell and K. bhidei T.Cooke (Crassulaceae), both endemic to Peninsular India, is presented, together with morphological descriptions and photographs. The study is based on an examination of living and herbarium collections; it includes updated nomenclature, typification, and notes on distribution and conservation status. In both cases the original material is ambiguous. In the case of K. olivacea the original drawing does not show one of the diagnostic characters and in the case of K. bhidei the single surviving syntype is in extremely poor condition. So, in both cases typification requires the designation of a lectotype and an epitype.