Conspectus on Indian Gymnacranthera and Myristica

D. Banik*, P.P. Bora, V. Sampath Kumar and R.L. Bezbaruah

Published on : 30-Jun-2017



Since, Sir J.D. Hooker’s the Flora of British India, no comprehensive work on the family Myristicaceae R. Br., nom. cons. in India has been made but the family was treated with confusion in several regional floras, which were devoid of updated nomenclature and citation of type specimens. Recent work on Endocomia, Horsfieldia and Knema revealed that there are 5 genera and 18 species (including 1 cultivated species) and 4 subspecies distributed in India, of which nearly 45% of the taxa are endemic to the country. Therefore, the present taxonomic concept of the genera Gymnacranthera and Myristica in India became urgent and essential. The present study found that the genus Gymnacranthera is represented with 1 endemic species and Myristica with 5 species and 2 subspecies, of which 6 taxa are endemic to India. These taxa are cited with updated nomenclature, brief description, distribution, flowering and fruiting period, vernacular names, uses, notes and specimens examined. A key to the taxa are provided along with illustration and a photo plate picturing live specimens of 4 species to facilitate identification of the taxa.