Index to names of New World members of the Gesneriaceae (subfamilies Sanangoideae and Gesnerioideae)

Clark J.L., Skog L.E., Boggan J.K. & S. Ginzbarg

Published on : 11-May-2020



A comprehensive taxonomic list of New World Gesneriaceae is provided for all currently known accepted names and their synonyms. The list presented here corresponds to the subfamilies Sanangoideae and Gesnerioideae plus the Old World genus Titanotrichum and includes 1217 accepted names and 2332 synonyms. Generic concepts and classification of New World Gesneriaceae have changed with the recent surge in molecular-based phylogenies, and that has made it challenging to determine the accepted names in historical literature and outdated names that persist in databases such as GenBank. The list is organized alphabetically with a look-up table that links all synonyms to currently accepted names.