Additional Notes on the Genus Lomatocarpa Pim. (Apiaceae - Apioideae) and Related Taxa of High Asia

Pimenov M.G. & E.V. Kljuykov

Published on : 01-Jan-2022



Ligusticum wolffianum Fedde ex Wolff and Cortia schmidii Nasir described from North East Afghanistan and North Pakistan are determined to be identical with Lomatocarpa albomarginata (Schrenk) Pimenov & Lavrova, widely distributed in the adjacent Pamiro-Alai and Tianschan mountain systems. The species is known also from south-western extremity of Chinese autonomous region Xinjiang. A new combination (L. afghanica) has been proposed for the species, previously known as Ligusticum afghanicum, Lomatocarpa steineri, and Pachypleurum linearilobum.