A taxonomic revision of the genus Dolomiaea (Asteraceae: Cardueae) in India

Kasana S., Uniyal P.L. & A.K. Pandey

Published on : 31-Mar-2021

DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.22244/rheedea.2021.31.01.01


The genus Dolomiaea DC. (Asteraceae: Cardueae) is represented by three species in India. It is distributed in the alpine Himalaya and is often found in chasmophytic habitats. Recent advances in molecular phylogenetic studies have re-circumscribed the generic boundaries of Dolomiaea and hence a detailed taxonomic account of this genus in India is provided here. We recognize three species: Dolomiaea baltalensis Dar & Naqshi, D. costus (Falc.) Kasana & A.K.Pandey and D. macrocephala DC. ex Royle for India. Dolomiaea macrocephala and the heterotypic synonym of D. costus, Aplotaxis lappa Decne. are lectotypified.