Volume 26(1)2016

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Alopecurus pratensis (Poaceae), a new record for the Indian subcontinent from Kashmir Himalaya

7. Akhter C., Khuroo A.A., Rasheed S., Reshi Z.A., Dar G.H. & A.H. Ganie

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Lectotypifications in Flemingia (Leguminosae)

S.K. Gavade, L.J.G. van der Maesen & M.M. Lekhak*

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Peristylus tentaculatus (Orchidaceae): A new record for India from the Western Ghats of Kerala

Prabhukumar K.M., Naveen Kumar V.V., Bhavadas N., Sunil C.N., Pankaj Kumar & Indira Balachandran

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