Volume 27(2)2017

Published on : 30-Dec-2017

Strategies for Popularisation of Taxonomy in India

M. Ahmedullah, C. Sathish Kumar and K.S. Manilal

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Rediscovery of Ipomoea salsettensis (Convolvulaceae) from Western Ghats of Maharashtra, India

A.V. Kattee, D.B. Borude, A.N. Chandore, C.R. Patil and V.B. Shimpale*

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Lectotypification of Merremia rhyncorhiza (Convolvulaceae)

R.R. Kolte1*, V.B. Shimpale2 and M.K. Janarthanam1

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Dioscorea polystachya (Dioscoreaceae): A new record for India

Akramul Hoque, P. Lakshminarasimhan and D. Maity*

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Taxonomy and distribution of Andrographis longipedunculata (Acanthaceae)

G. Gnanasekaran,*, K.V.C. Gosavi, A.N. Chandore, Mujaffar Shaikh and G.V.S. Murthy1

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