Conspectus of the genus Pseudanthistiria (Poaceae: Andropogoneae)

Drisya V. & A.K. Pradeep

Published on : 31-Dec-2021



A taxonomic account on the small grass genus Pseudanthistiria (Hack.) Hook.f. with two species: P. umbellata (Hack.) Hook.f. and P. heteroclita (Roxb.) Hook.f. is provided. Pseudanthistiria burmanica Hook.f. is reduced to the synonymy of P. umbellata. Detailed descriptions, illustrations, conservation status, and a taxonomic key for the identification of the species are provided. Lectotypes for three names, Anthistiria heteroclita Roxb., Pseudanthistiria burmanica Hook.f. and P. hispida Hook.f. are designated.