A taxonomic revision of the genus Justicia (Acanthaceae) in Peninsular India

Soumya P., Deng Y., Dash S.S. & P. Sunojkumar

Published on : 31-Jan-2024

DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.22244/rheedea.2023.33.04.04


A detailed taxonomic account of the genus Justicia L. in Peninsular India is provided, with 18 species recognized. Lectotypifications of six names are carried out. Nine taxa are treated as synonyms: Justicia diffusa var. orbiculata C.B.Clarke of J. diffusa Willd.; J. nilgherrensis (Nees) Wall. ex C.B.Clarke and J. tamilnadensis P.Raja & Soosairaj of J. trinervia Vahl; J. nagpurensis V.A.W.Graham, J. notha C.B.Clarke and J. pathanamthittiensis Remadevi & Binojk. of J. procumbens L.; J. quinqueangularis var. kawalii Annamma & Venu of J. quinqueangularis J.Koenig ex Roxb.; J. salsoloides T.Anderson of J. tranquebariensis L.f. and J. vahlii var. rupicola (J.L.Ellis) Pull., Moulali & Sandhyar. of J. vahliana Schult. Detailed descriptions, photographic images and a key for identifying species in Peninsular India are provided along with data on phenology, distribution and conservation status.