Orchidaceous Additions to the Flora of Myanmar 2

P. Ormerod and C. Sathish Kumar

Published on : 31-Mar-2009

DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.22244/rheedea.2008.18.02.02


Continued herbarium and literature studies of the orchids of Myanmar have revealed one new genus and 17 new species records. Three species (Bulbophyllum burkillii Gage, Eulophia burmanica Hook. f. and E. lachnocheila Hook. f. ) are found to be synonyms with the earlier proposed entities, viz.: Trias oblonga Lindl., Eulophia macrobulbon (Par. & Rchb. f.) Hook. f. and E. herbacea Lindl. respectively. One new species, Dendrobium hkinhumense is described.