Zeuxine reflexa (Orchidaceae-Goodyerinae), a new addition to Peninsular India

Shreyas B. & K. Kotresha

Published on : 30-Sep-2022

DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.22244/rheedea.2022.32.03.08


Zeuxine Lindl. (family Orchidaceae, tribe Cranichideae, subtribe Goodyerinae) is a terrestrial orchid genus comprising about 79 species, of which 19 species are reported from India. A recent floristic survey in and around Anshi National Park in Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka resulted the collection of Zeuxine reflexa King & Pantl. Since this species was not recorded from Peninsular India previously, it forms a new record. A detailed description, photographs, drawing and a key for the identification of species occurring in Karnataka are provided for its easy identification.