Studies in Oberonia 10. A re-evaluation of Oberonia brachystachys and O. subligaculifera (Orchidaceae: Malaxideae) and their synonyms

Geiger D.L.*, Sulaiman M. & C. Murugan

Published on : 16-Oct-2021



The following synonyms are introduced or confirmed for Oberonia brachystachys Lindl.: O. recurva Lindl., O. setifera Lindl., O. demissa Lindl., O. gardneriana Thwaites, O. parvula King & Pantl. [including O. myriantha var. parvula (King & Pantl.) Tang & Wang], O. croftiana King & Pantl. (second-step lectotypification herein), O. lingmalensis Blatt. & McCann [including O. recurva var. lingmalensis (Blatt. & McCann) Santapau & Kapadia], and O. brachyphylla Blatt. & McCann (lectotypified herein). Oberonia subligaculifera J.J.Sm. has the following new or confirmed synonyms: O. bambusicola Kerr, O. evrardii Gagnep., O. kanburiensis Seidenf., O. arunachalensis A.N.Rao, O. raoi L.R.Shakya & R.P.Chaudhary, and O. kamlangensis A.N.Rao. Both species are re-described taking into account their intraspecific variability and ecological data are provided. Oberonia brachystachys with unjointed leaves is illustrated with light and scanning electron microscope images.