Preliminary evaluation of the phylogenetic position of Trigonella griffithii (Fabaceae): a newly recorded species to the flora of India

Mittal K., Dangi R., Mallik A.H., Ingle P., & F.A. Shah

Published on : 30-Jun-2023



Trigonella griffithii Boiss. from Jammu and Kashmir (India) is described here as an addition to the flora of India. The species shows morphological resemblances with T. cachemiriana Camb., T. emodi Benth., T. emodi Benth. var. fimbriata (Royal ex Benth.) Šir., and T. gracilis Benth. of Trigonella sect. Ellipticae but differs in key morphological characters related to legumes and stipules. Along with morphological characters the species is supported as a member of sect. Ellipticae in a preliminary molecular phylogenetic analysis based on four out of c. 60 species of the section included, using the nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacers (ITS) and plastid trnL-trnF + psbE-petL regions. Several morphological characters not indicated in the protologue along with a correction of the inaccurately given number of flowers in inflorescences are also explained.