Murdannia vaginata var. glabrisepala (Commelinaceae): a new report for India inferred from morphological and molecular data

Sreekutty T.K., Harishma K.H., Krishnapriya M.P. & S. Nampy

Published on : 30-Jun-2023



Murdannia vaginata (L.) G.Brückn. var. glabrisepala Faden was originally described from Sri Lanka. Its occurrence in India is indicated in the protologue, but not firmly established. During a recent field survey in Kerala, India, this variety was collected, compared with its morphologically allied congener M. vaginata var. vaginata (L.) G.Brückn., and reported here as a new record for India. A detailed description, photo plates, information on flowering and fruiting, habitat, distribution, SEM data on seeds and conservation status are provided. A combined morphology and molecular-based study using the rps16 intron, rbcL, and nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer sequences confirmed its distinctiveness from the type variety.