Two new heterotypic synonyms in Lepidagathis Willd. (Acanthaceae: Barlerieae) from India

Gnanasekaran G., King A.F.J., Mitta M.N & W. Arisdason

Published on : 31-Jan-2024



In the present article, two very recently described new species of Lepidagathis Willd. (Acanthaceae: Barlerieae), L. decumbens Dhatchan. & Soosairaj and L. rajasekharae K.Prasad & A.M.Reddy from India are considered conspecific and their names are treated as heterotypic synonyms of L. diffusa C.B.Clarke and L. fasciculata (Retz.) Nees, respectively. Evidence to support this conclusion is provided by an updated description, comparing the diagnostic features of these species based on recent observations, type details including images and illustrations, and colour plates of photographs of living plants in their natural habitats, fresh leaves, inflorescence, flowers and micrographs of floral and fruit parts taken through light and scanning electron microscopes. A distribution map is also provided for L. diffusa. Furthermore, the lectotypes for the names, Ruellia fasciculata Retz., L. fasciculata var. β (beta) Nees, and L. hirta Nees are designated here.