Taxonomic revision of Arisaema (Araceae) sect. Sinarisaema in India

Manudev K.M., Arunkumar P.G. & Santhosh Nampy

Published on : 30-Jun-2019



History and status of the section Sinarisaema Nakai in India are discussed. The present study is a result of intensive field trips across the country from 2010 to 2019. Twenty three species are recognized from the country based on the morphological data procured from live samples as well as herbarium specimens deposited in various herbaria in India and abroad. Two species, viz. A. fischeri Manudev & Nampy and A. subulatum Manudev & Nampy are newly described while lectotypes are designated for four names currently treated as synonyms. Detailed description and photographic images are provided for each taxon. A taxonomic key is given for the easy identification in the field. The conservation status of five species is assessed based on the criteria laid out by IUCN.