Two new species of Lepidagathis Willd. (Acanthaceae: Barlerieae) from India

King A.F.J., Kolte R.R., Nithya S.P., Arisdason W. & G. Gnanasekaran

Published on : 31-Jan-2024



Two new species of Lepidagathis Willd. (Acanthaceae: Barlerieae), L. dayanandanii A.F.J.King, Gnanasek. & Arisdason and L. narasimhanii Gnanasek., A.F.J.King & Arisdason from the low-elevation lateritic plateaus of Karnataka and Kerala, respectively, are described here with a detailed description, illustrations, colour photographic plates consisting of field photos and micrographs of floral parts taken through light and scanning electron microscopes and IUCN conservation status. Furthermore, the diagnostic morphological characters of both new species are compared with allied species, Lepidagathis keralensis Madhus. & N.P.Singh and L. ushae Borude, Gosavi & Chandore, respectively, for precise recognition.