A Review of the Genus Spathoglottis Blume (Orchidaceae) in Thailand

H. Kurzweil

Published on : 31-Mar-2009

DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.22244/rheedea.2008.18.02.01


The Thai species of the genus Spathoglottis are reviewed. Six species are recognised. S. hardingiana Par. & Rchb. f., S. plicata Blume, S. affinis de Vriese, S. pubescens Lindl. and S. eburnea Gagnep. have been known to occur in Thailand already for a long time and are fairly widespread in the country. A sixth species, S. aurea Lindl., is reported here as a new record for Thailand and is so far known only from the extreme south of the country. Spathoglottis hardingiana, S. plicata, S. affinis and S. aurea are morphologically very distinct, particularly in lip structure. Spathoglottis pubescens and S. eburnea are similar in critical features and hence, the differences between the two are discussed.