Status of Gastrochilus minimus (Orchidaceae) – a recently described species from China

Bhattacharjee A., Agrawala D.K., Jalal J.S. & C. Deori

Published on : 16-Oct-2021



Gastrochilus minimus J.W.Li, D.P.Ye & X.H.Jin, a recently described orchid from China, is taxonomically merged with Gastrochilus sessanicus A.N.Rao. The former name is not effectively published as of September 2021, even after online availability of the ‘In Press, Corrected Proof’ version since February 2021 on the journal’s website. We intend to address this issue at the forthcoming International Botanical Congress as the situation regarding the backdating of the publication date for unchanged versions (i.e. with unchanged content) of an electronic publication is not explicitly mentioned in the Code. This sinking of G. minimus extends the distribution of G. sessanicus which has been considered as endemic to India for the last 25 years. A detailed description of the species and photographs of the holotype of G. sessanicus and that of the specimen cited as ‘holotype’ of G. minimus are provided. A global Red List assessment of G. sessanicus is presented as per IUCN guidelines.