Tetrastigma planicaule (Vitaceae): A new record for Bhutan

Dorji R., Gyeltshen, Phuntsho & A. Trias-Blasi*

Published on : 30-Jun-2022

DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.22244/rheedea.2021.32.02.02


We report here, Tetrastigma planicaule (Hook.f.) Gagnep. in the Vitaceae family as a new species record in Bhutan. It is sighted inside the Tongling Kuenphen Community Forest, Gangzur Geog in the Lhuentse district. It is an economically important plant that has medicinal properties in traditional Chinese medicine. From our field observations, it was observed to be a primary host for the rare holoparasitic Sapria himalayana Griff. in the current locations. Therefore, conservation of this species needs to scale up owing to its ethnobotanical use and to support the survival of the holoparasitic plant.