Annotated checklist of the Medinilla (Melastomataceae) of Malesia

Kartonegoro A.

Published on : 02-Mar-2023



There are 242 species and 2 varieties of Malesian Medinilla (Melastomataceae) included in the checklist. Of these, 238 species and 2 varieties are known to be endemic to the Malesian region with 82 endemic to the Philippines, 75 to New Guinea, 32 to Borneo, 13 to Sumatra, 5 to Sulawesi, 4 to Maluku, 4 to Peninsular Malaysia and 2 to Java, while the rest are widespread in Malesia. Two new names, M. berastagiensis Karton. and M. nabirensis Karton., are proposed here to replace the illegitimate Medinilla micrantha Ridl. and M. pachyphylla Kaneh. & Hatus. ex Ohwi respectively. The next step for Medinilla in Malesia is to carry out a full taxonomic revision to better understand distribution patterns and species limits and also to assign appropriate neotypes for those species still missing original material.