Notes on the identity and nomenclature of two more herbaceous species of Hedyotis L. (Rubiaceae).

Biju S.D., George E.J., Sivarajan V.V. & Philip Mathew

Published on : 01-Jan-2022



The taxonomic status of two closely related species of 0/denlandia L. (now included in Hedyotis L.), viz. 0. biflora L. and 0. panicu/ats L. has been a matter of controversy. Some authors consider them to be con specific while others hold that they are distinct. After a careful study of authentic herbarium specimens as well as living material, they have been shown to be separate species and the names are lectotypified. Lt has also been shown that the epithet 'Paniculata' is not available for our specimen in the genus Hedyotis and that the correct name for it would be H. racemosa Lam. An artificidl key for the diagnosis of the two species, their nomen􀁡latural citations, amended descriptions and illustrations are also provided.